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Lots of interesting press coverage of the Carnegie and Greenaway wins for Patrick Ness and Jim Kay…

THE GUARDIAN: Patrick Ness wins Carnegie medal for second year running: Winner of children’s books’ highest honour uses acceptance speech to lambast education policy and negativity to teenagers 


THE GUARDIAN: How we made A Monster Calls - As their book wins the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals, writer Patrick Ness and illustrator Jim Kay explain how they worked together, without ever meeting, to unleash a monster hit

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH - A Monster Calls wins first Carnegie and Kate Greenaway prize double. Children’s Author Patrick Ness has been awarded the CILIP Carnegie Medal whilst Jim Kay, the book’s illustrator, has won the CILIP Kate Greenaway Award – the first time one book has won both prizes.

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH - A Monster Calls: Patrick Ness and Jim Kay talk about their Carnegie and Greenaway wins.The Carnegie and Greenaway Medals have for the first time been awarded to the same book, ‘A Monster Calls’. Nicolette Jones talks to its creators, the children’s writer Patrick Ness and illustrator Jim Kay, about how they brought the late Siobhan Dowd’s idea so successfully to life.


FRONT ROW - Download the podcast from Thursday 14th June to HEAR Patrick and Jim on A Monster Calls
THE GUARDIAN editorial piece where Patrick expands on his speech defending today’s teenagers, though if you want to hear his acceptance speech itself, that’s all on the Carnegie/Greenaway website.


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